1938 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet A ( $595,000 )

Location: Boeblingen, GERMANY
Stock #: ID 10012
VIN #: tba
Mileage: 500
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Mint

1938 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet A ( A Pristine, Documented Restoration ).

Seller’s Description:

The Era
A luxury car as an outstanding achievement of the German automotive industry before the war – when arms production had priority. Vehicle purchases could be subsidized if the vehicles were made available in the event of mobilization. In line with the many vehicle and body variants of Mercedes, the 320 replaced the 290 from 1937.

Timeless, Graceful, Flowing 320 Cariolet “A” body design.

The chassis of the 290 was further used on longer and wider bodies. The 320 was designed as a touring car which could handle longer distances with ease. Although not designed for high performance, the 320 excels through its good road holding and comfortable low-effort handling. Due to the generally poorer quality fuel of the time and the resultant power loss, the capacity of the engine was later increased to 3.4 litres – a measure which all other German automobile manufacturers had to carry out.

Power and torque values remained unchanged. The ZF four-speed transmission now received an additional new “Ferngang” feature. This later so-called “overdrive“ was activated by means of a separate lever. It reduced the rotational speed by 26% and therefore improved fuel efficiency at high speeds. 5,133 examples of the 320 were produced at the Mannheim plant and sold for an impressive 13,500 Reichmarks.

This vehicle has been professionally restored, both technically and visually, with the highest level of craftsmanship. After the restoration, this vehicle has not made any trips. It is in pristine condition, and everything works perfectly. The impeccable restoration work is well documented.

This vehicle is particularly suitable for prominent trips and shows. With its rare and harmonious color scheme of subtle, Navy Blue exterior and roof, combined with the tasteful grey leather interior, the elegant lines of type-A body come into their own, attracting positively admiring glances forever. The excellent technical condition allows for trouble-free driving at any time. Provided appropriate care and maintenance are ongoing, there is still a long running life ahead, and increasing values are anticipated.

Price: $595,000

Seller Info:

Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors Graf-Zeppelin-Platz 1 Boeblingen, 71034 +49 70313069522